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Hello Beautiful Goddess!

What is a MUST HAVE list, you’re asking yourself?

In my thirties, I was in a miserable ten year LONG marriage and I distinctly remember waking up one morning and realized I was NOT happy. I had forgotten what JOY looked like in my life. And I said out loud, “I don’t want a mediocre life, I want a FANTASTICAL~DELIGHTFUL life!”

I made my plan of action to escape, and I left that miserable marriage. That’s when I began to design my Soul Journey to intentionally live a life of Joy and Fulfillment. One of the most important things I did to create a life filled with Joy and Delight was to make and implement a MUST HAVE list. A MUST HAVE list is a list of things, people and activities that I absolutely have to have in my life that brings me JOY & WONDERMENT!

Have you created a MUST HAVE list? If you don’t have a MUST HAVE list, percolate on it and start one in a few days. Again, it’s a list of things, people and activities that you absolutely have to have in your life that brings you JOY, WONDERMENT, GLEE & DELIGHT!

Your list will change from time to time too. That just means you’re evolving and growing!

And after you incorporate your MUST HAVES, they become a natural part of your life, without you even thinking about them.

Here are few of my MUST HAVES:

My wardrobe needs to match my Spirit and Personality, regardless of what is in style right now. My only requirement is that it has lots of color and I feel good wearing it! I started added Faerie Shoes and now have six pairs of handcrafted felted Faerie Shoes from an amazing artisan in Lithuania. I love to wear them when I’m out and about on my errands, they make me sooo HAPPY! And guess what, they also bring JOY to those who I bump into while I’m out and about on my errands. Talk about WIN-WIN!

I decided to learn how to dye my hair a different BRIGHT color every 4-6 weeks. Why? Because I LOVE COLOR! I cannot imagine a world without color. And with a colorful wardrobe, I’m always color coordinated.

Every morning after I walk my darling dog, Jethro at O’dark thirty, (I started waking up at 4:30am after I quit smoking in February) I fire up the tea kettle and make a fresh pot of French pressed coffee.

My Luv-Muffin, Jethro (the dog), Bhanu (the cat) and I go out to the front porch to enjoy our coffee, watch the birds and the critters and ease into our day. This is a MUST HAVE that I adore, and only when one of us is traveling does it not happen. Although, I’ll imagine we are having our coffee together when we are apart from each other.

I’d love to hear what some of your MUST HAVES are, hit reply and share what brings you JOY, WONDERMENT, GLEE & DELIGHT!

Wishing you a day filled with JOY & DELIGHT,

Ilisa Millermoon
Your Soul Journey Guide

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