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I have met the most Amazing artists via social media, artists from all over the world.

I am tickled to introduce Nicole Bishopp. I bumped into Nicole several years ago on Facebook.

It has been so much fun seeing her artwork and her business evolve. Her medium of choice is Sharpies. And she creates delightful images.

Here’s a little more about Nicole:

Born and raised a Maryland girl, Nicole Bishopp started her artistic journey and love for nature at a very young age. Heavily influenced by her father’s love of travel and the outdoors she headed to Montana and then onto the Pacific Northwest where she currently resides.

Her inspiration comes from the passion she holds for the mountains and the ocean. Thus creating her vision of the world on some of her favorite methods of recreation; snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. Her art is her spiritual connection to the outdoors and how she relates to it.

To her, making lines down mountains, and creating lines on a board are the same thing, each reminding her of the stoke she feels. When Nicole isn’t creating a commissioned piece she is busy designing graphics for companies who share in her passion.

I recently purchased a pair of leggings that Nicole designed. I love that they are unique and created by a fellow artist. You can find her awesome creations here: www.nicolebishopp.bigcartel.com

And as always,
Sending you Lots of Love and Light!

Ilisa Millermoon
Intuitive Energy Artist