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Ilisa Millermoon Intuitive Energy Artist

My Story

“My home is named Creative Place”

“Collecting Treasures from Mother Nature
Inspires my Spirit”

I was raised in a conservative Mennonite family and community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At a very early age I knew that the beliefs I was being bombarded with did not agree with my own reason or common sense.

Women were considered to be deceitful, unworthy, overly emotional and inferior beings.

These ideals were not merely conveyed by the men in my life, but equally by the women. I remember a particular moment when I was eight years old. My mother was sitting at the dinning room table sipping her coffee. I can still see the gold-shag carpet, the wallpaper with roosters and the avocado kitchen appliances behind her. She said, “I just don’t’ like women! They are so conniving, backbiting and untrustworthy”.

I thought if she didn’t like women, she must not like herself or me for that matter.

That was clearly a disturbing revelation for my eight-year-old self.
How could I possibly embrace myself as a Divine Creature if I chose to accept these perceptions? Perceptions solidified in the name of religion.

I left my childhood home when I was 18 to attend college and never looked back. I knew this was my opportunity to design the life that I desired to live. My artwork became an instrument of healing, my salvation.

We can allow our experiences to define us, or we can gather the gifts from our experiences and choose to evolve. The gifts I’ve gathered are compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness and transformation for humanity and myself.

I made a deliberate decision to celebrate women through my artwork in direct defiance of my upbringing. It has been an ongoing journey of healing that enabled me to release the negative impressions regarding my gender. I’ve taken the time to do intense self-work to rewrite the scripts embedded in my mind.

When I discarded the unfavorable influences in my life it opened up space for amazing people to enter. My hope is that my images inspire healing, self-empowerment and a sense of being whole for all women.

“My home reflects the Joy of Creating”

“Enjoying a moment with my Fur-Child,
Bhanu in our World of Wonderment”