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Hello Beautiful Spirit!

The less material things I have, the more grateful I am for the important things in my life, such as meaningful relationships, time, and being fully awake in the present moment.

As a child I would often become attached to a trinket, toy or various small collections I had acquired. I remember my grandmother saying, “they’re just things Ilisa, they’re just things”.

Every month, I do a mini purge in my home. I keep a brown grocery bag next to my hope chest and toss whatever item, clothing or random trinket into the bag as a monthly collection to be delivered to the thrift store and not purchased a second time.

Yes, the running joke in our home is when I purchase something at the Value Village thrift store that I donated several months before. It’s only happened one time, but I’ll never live it down!

My house rule is if I get something new, I have to get rid of two items in that category. This applies to my wardrobe, kitchen, office, art studio, and the entire house. It keeps the clutter in check and I don’t feel weighed down with stuff.

When you remove the clutter in your living space you open up room within your mind and spirit for new and wonderful ideas, people and experiences. The added bonus is raising your vibration in your living space as well!

What do you need to purge in your home? What could you do without that would make your spirit feel lighter?

Love and Sparkles,

Ilisa Millermoon
Intuitive Energy Artist