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You’ll receive your Share the Love sticky notes with Love and lots of Confetti

The Share the Love Movement is CONTAGIOUS, and so much fun!

Let’s take over the Universe with Love and Confetti…

What is the Share the Love Movement? It is so easy anyone can do it!

When I’m out and about on my errands, I always make sure I have sticky notes with me that say, “You are Loved ~The Universe” and confetti.

I invite my Spirit Guides, Nonie and Bubbles to come with me and they help me choose several cars in the parking lot of people who need some Love that day. I place the sticky note on the driver’s side window.

You can make your own sticky notes to Share the Love or get the pretty premade ones, which are available to you in my Etsy shop at my cost.

Why at my cost, you may ask? Because sharing the Love isn’t about making money, it’s about giving someone warm fuzzies to brighten their day.

Won’t you join me in the Share the Love Movement!

Here’s what Danielle is doing with her Share the Love sticky notes via her post on Instagram:

“I have nine “You are Loved!” post it note pads to give away to friends. The catch… you have to give them out one at a time to strangers or leave them on car windows or other random places. Who’s game?”

Let’s get this Share the Love Movement growing one sticky note at a time!

Visit my Etsy Shop.

Be sure to post your Share the Love Movement adventures on your social media sites and be sure to tag me too!

Sending you lot of Love, Light and Sparkles,

Ilisa Millermoon
Intuitive Energy Artist