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“Trust Your Intuition”
original painting acrylic paint on
24x30 premier gallery canvas

Hello Beautiful Spirit!

I hope you are enjoying Spring and all of her lovely blooms and blossoms. I’m always amazed at how much my surroundings change in appearance once all of the green has popped!

I went to get a pedicure last week and missed the turn into the strip mall. I didn’t recognize the entrance with all of the shrubbery in full bloom. Of course, I laughed out loud at myself for that silliness and there was banter about dementia as well!

The transitions of each season are so Magickal because of the unique energy that each season holds. We too, are energy. Did you know that you are a Magickal being? You may already know that there is Wonderful energy in your hands?

Recently, I’ve been painting using only my hands. It’s been a mesmerizing experience. By channeling my Angels and my Spirit Guides I set the intention for each painting. I infuse each of my creations with Positive Energy and High Vibrations to transform your living space, raise your vibration and heal your spirit.

“Trust Your Intuition” is the first large painting that I’ve created using only my hands. She’s so newly born she is not yet listed for adoption.

However, she is available for adoption to a loving home. She is 24x30 on a Premier Gallery Canvas, no frame needed. If she belongs in your family, I would love to talk with you and get the adoption process rolling. Send me a message at ilisa@ilisamillermoon.com and put “ADOPT TYI” in the subject.

If you haven’t met her siblings who are also looking for loving homes, visit this page > https://www.etsy.com/shop/IlisaMillermoon

Sending you lots of Love, Light and Sparkles,

Ilisa Millermoon
Intuitive Energy Artist