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Ilisa Millermoon Intuitive Energy Artist

Design Your Soul Journey

Hello Beautiful Goddess!

Fifteen years ago, I found myself in a miserable marriage, a relationship that did not nurture my uniqueness or allow me to celebrate my true self. I was devastated that the person I had chosen to be my life partner did not embrace me for me.

I made my plan to escape, knowing I could no longer tolerate living the life someone else had envisioned for me. I was so tired of faking being happy and was ready for more JOY in my life. That’s when I knew I needed to design and create the life I wanted to live for MYSELF, in order to become the person I was meant to be!

But… I wasn’t quite sure how to do that or even where to start. One day I began painting and heard my Soul softly whisper, “this is where you’ll begin to design your Soul Journey, where you’ll discover your Voice. Beautiful Goddess you are Strong, Passionate and Divine.

You see, over the years I had been constantly told, “don’t embarrass yourself by talking.” After a while, I stopped talking entirely. To become whole again, I knew I HAD to find my voice and embrace my Inner Goddess, so I decided to listen to the whisper and Design my Soul Journey.

I opened up a conversation with my Inner Goddess and I asked her what she wanted. What did our dream life of JOY and DELIGHT look like? I began to feel her speaking to me through my body, and my emotions – she was showing me the way to create the life that I had CRAVED for so long. The life filled with joy and delight that I DESERVE!

Now that I can look back on my own journey, my Inner Goddess is whispering again. She says my work is not done, and that I am here to show YOU the way to your own divine life – to help you create and follow your own Soul Journey.

I’m Ilisa Millermoon Your Soul Sage. I work with women just like you who are READY to DESIGN their Soul Journey and embrace their Inner Goddess to live their life of Joy and Fulfillment.

Through my Healing Gifts and Intuitive Energy Artistry, I help you remove what’s keeping you from living the life you DEEPLY DESIRE and the life you DESERVE!


  • Are tired of faking being happy and yet you deeply crave JOY in your life?
  • Would like to let go of the belief that “life just happens to me” and learn how to create the life you DESIRE?
  • Wake up anxious thinking to yourself, “How did I get here? This is not the life I envisioned for myself!
  • Are ready to become more confident with tuning into your Inner Voice so that you can take action with the guidance you receive?
  • Deeply CRAVE being completely comfortable in your own skin?

I’ll be honest with you, doing the work will ignite your growth! And growth can be uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful. The bottom line is, YOU ARE WORTH IT! And it’s worth the growing pains to live the life you DEEPLY DESIRE and the life you DESERVE!

If you’re ready to DIVE DEEP and DO THE WORK, listen to your Inner Voice, and begin to design your Soul Journey then I’d love to be your Guide!

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