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Ilisa Millermoon Intuitive Energy Artist

Intuitive Energy Reading

Hello Beautiful Being,

I have always known that I am an artist, but owning that I am a Healer and Channel for Spirit was a bit more daunting for me.

For a long time, I ignored the messages that I was receiving from my Inner Goddess, Angels and Spirit Guides. The whole idea of it was too overwhelming and scary for me. You see, at the time I had no support from my partner or my immediate family.

It wasn’t until I surrounded myself with people who wanted to see me embrace my gifts, grow and blossom that I gained the confidence to reconnect with my Inner Goddess, Angels and Spirit Guides.

It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so grateful that my Inner Goddess, Angels and Spirit Guides didn’t give up on me, even when I did. We haven’t stopped talking since!

Now, I can no longer ignore that I am a Healer, a Channel for Spirit as well as an Intuitive Energy Artist. I believe that gifts are meant to be shared with the world to help others.

That’s why I’m offering Intuitive Energy Readings plus an original Inner Goddess painting.

During your 35-minute Intuitive Energy Reading, you’ll choose one area you’d like guidance in. I’ll bring through the messages of love, healing and information that I receive from my Angels, Spirit Guides and your energy.

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I’m offering this package for $349 for a limited time only (Regular Price is $449).

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Please note, I do not predict the future, I connect with your current energy which will change and shift as you do. Predicting the future would remove your free will which is just not possible. You always have the ability to make a different choice.

After your Intuitive Energy Reading I’ll create an original 5x7 “Inner Goddess” painting that is specifically tuned into what your Spirit needs, and infused with positive energy to raise your vibration and heal your spirit.

Your one of a kind “Inner Goddess” painting will be a powerful reminder of your Intuitive Energy Reading and any of the breakthroughs that occurred for you. Place in a spot you’ll see it daily and let it bring a smile to your face every time you walk by it. Your original Inner Goddess painting will include an archival mat board to fit an 8x10 frame so that you can choose the perfect frame for your décor.

Intuitive Energy Reading ONLY

If you’d like an Intuitive Energy Reading without the original Inner Goddess Painting it’s $149.00


“I felt confused before my reading but afterwards I had a clarity around an issue I didn’t realize was an issue before we started speaking. Ilisa is somehow able to see the essence of who you truly are.

My Inner Goddess painting is amazing and utterly magical, she feels empowering and deeply connected to me like a visual impression of my soul that I can look at each day.”

Shelly Petersen

“I had been struggling to find understanding in the situation that was occurring at the time. Ilisa not only helps enlightened you about your question, but provides the guidance and tools needed to remedy the situation or to move forward.”

Kristain Schutt

“There are no words that can describe my gratitude for Ilisa. Her intuitive spirit and artistic discipline have opened a part of my life that had been in pain for such a long time. She gave me the opportunity to open my eyes and heal. I will forever be grateful for her beautiful spirit.”

Derek Covington Smith

“Ilisa was such a joy to work with- she sparkles with positive energy! I felt completely comfortable in our session and was thrilled with the results. My original intuitive painting exceeded expectations- I would highly recommend Ilisa!”

Jenny Noteboom