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Ilisa Millermoon Intuitive Energy Artist

What is Intuitive Energy Art?

“Sprinkling Confetti for the Faeries”

“Gaia Statue, I hand carved from
salvaged flotation foam”

Intuitive Energy Art: Surrendering any pre-conceived ideas and allowing the creativity to flow in and through you.

Intuitive Energy Art does not focus on mechanics or technique. Using intuition instead of intellectual understanding as the main source of insight. It is more important to be open to be guided by the creative process rather than taking control of it.

Images are the language of the soul. This language goes beyond what we comprehend in our minds. For me this is “Spirit Communication” and is my way of connecting my “Inner Spirit” with “Mother Earth, Father Sky and Great Spirit”.

My intention is to capture beauty from within and convey truth that goes beyond fact or reason.

When I am creating, my artwork is meditative and transcendental. I have no preconceived idea of what I’ll be painting. I kindly ask the energy to flow through me and direct me. Often, I’ll invite the ink to dance with me and it’s a delightful dance!

“My altar Honoring
My Creative Spirit”

Photo by Mitchell Kearney.